For over 30 years we have been the number one leading hair replacement clinic in the Jacksonville, Florida area. We have been helping men and women with the latest techniques in hair replacement and restoration procedures for over 30 years.

Our highly trained and skilled technicians have over 100 years in combined training to better serve you. We specialize in medical, non-medical and treatments for hair loss.

Our mission is to educate you about hair loss and provide you with a real solution to your hair loss using state-of-the-art proven techniques and procedures. We are committed to helping you discover that the look and feel that you always wanted is actually attainable.


Which Hair Loss Solution is Right for You?

This site has been designed with you the consumer in mind. Here we showcase our services and talents. But more importantly, we will provide you with real information regarding hair loss.

Our industry as a whole has been much maligned in recent years by many people who offer unproven and unrealistic "cures" for hair loss. Here we will help you separate hair restoration fact from fiction and help you to decide what the best course of action is for you.

Solutions for hair loss depend entirely on the amount of hair loss, the causes of the hair loss, and the client's expectations. A completely confidential, private evaluation will assist in sorting through your options, including:

  • Transitions Transitions Non-Surgical Hair Replacement for men.

  • Transitions Reallusions Non-Surgical Hair Replacement for women suffering from thinning hair and hair loss.

  • Hair Restoration Transplant Surgery (including Eyebrow Restoration).

  • Hair Additions and Integrations for women with thinning hair and hair loss.

  • Laser Hair Rejuvenation Therapy.

  • Complete hair loss prevention treatment programs for men and women.


At International Hair Restoration Systems in Jacksonville, Florida, we place the highest priority on quality and service.

We extend every courtesy and accommodation to our clients to ensure a pleasant experience. With convenient, discreet off-street parking, our hair restoration center is specifically designed for your comfort and privacy. We believe youíll find our service exceptional.

IT'S EASY TO GET EXPERT ADVICE AND ANSWERS to your particular questions and concerns. It's completely confidential. It's also completely free. So why not request your free, no-obligation hair loss evaluation and consultation today.  Call (904) 425-5097.