YOU DON'T HAVE TO SUFFER FROM FEMALE THINNING HAIR! Women who have female pattern baldness or thinning hair find it painful, devastating and in many individuals it is embarrassing. One in four women have some sort of thinning hair. Millions more suffer from female hair loss as a result of medical treatments such as chemotherapy.


The most commonly seen type in women is androgenetic alopecia, also known as female pattern alopecia. Alopecia means baldness, but like baldness for men it doesnít have to be complete hair loss. This simply refers to thinning hair that is predominantly on the top and front of the scalp.

At IHRS, in Jacksonville, Florida, we have long realized that hair replacement solutions for women are not the same as those for men.

A womenís beauty is only one of many elements that women encompass into their lives and it is one that most women feel they are judged by. Hair is a large component of that image of beauty. Hair restoration for women is the perfect solution because women with thinning hair, moderate to severe, can now avoid the nervous glances and raised eyebrows of others that can be disconcerting.

At IHRS, we have designed exclusive methods custom suited to a womanís unique life-style. You can enjoy trusted results from our replacement and restoration programs, including the famous Reallusions by Transitions International, Virtuesse for Women by Virtual Reality, and our exclusive IHRS Premier Hair, hair replacement and integration systems.

We also offer one of the most popular hair extensions programs for women: Ultratress, the ultimate in woman's hair extensions.

The Ultimate in Women's
Hair Loss Solutions

You brush your hair and notice the brush is full of hair strands. The drain in your shower is covered with hair and your scalp if more visible that before no matter how you style your hair. This is a sign of a hair loss. Will it stop? At IHRS, our women's hair loss restoration systems are state-of-the-art hair replacement restoration solutions specifically designed to meet the unique challenges of hair loss in all it's forms... artistically, technically, and emotionally.

Created exclusively for women experiencing female hair loss or thinning hair, we guarantee a significant increase in hair density without surgery, scarring, or discomfort. Others wonít see it, but you will see results immediately.

Best of all, you can get back the same hair coverage you had before you noticing female hair loss. No one will know that your hair is not your own growing hair out of your scalp.

You are not limited to any one style, you can create any hairstyle, including those that are combed back, totally exposing the front hairline.

  • Affordable hair replacement services, that are customized to your individual requirements

  • Best human hair wigs women's hair replacement systems

  • Discreet, dignified and confidential service

  • A team of experienced, highly trained hair and skin specialists

  • One-on-one personal service

  • Private building, with discreet off-street parking

  • Private styling rooms

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At International Hair Restoration Systems in Jacksonville, Florida, we place the highest priority on quality and service.

We look to accommodate our clients to ensure they have a pleasant experience.
With convenient, discreet off-street parking, our hair restoration center is specifically designed for your comfort and privacy.

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