Client Testimonials

IHRS Jacksonville Has Loyal Clients

Here’s Johnny S – He’s been coming here since 2001 – and says, it just keeps getting better!

We’d like you to meet Johnny. He’s been with IHRS since 2001. He would have been here more years – he says, had he’d known. Johnny runs his own business and when the time comes – it’s off to IHRS where he looks forward to talking with Dave and the staff.

Q: Johnny – your story is interesting. Before you came to IHRS Jacksonville, you were at Hair Club.

Johnny – that’s correct. I was in the military when my hair began to thin. Hair Club at that time – was pretty well known – so I went there for several years. In 2001 – I began to come here – and – here I am – many, many years later. I can’t believe how time flies!

Q:   It does indeed. For you – what’s the best part of IHRS?

Johnny – it’s not one thing – but many. David is a great guy to talk to. He keeps up on everything – and he’s just a great guy. The staff here – always great. There’s always a positive vibe here. The best part – when you see clients leaving after their visit here – they look incredible – and they’re so positive. And, every time I leave here – I’m revitalized.

Q: It doesn’t get any better  than that.

Johnny – No it doesn’t and believe me – I see and feel it all the time.

Q: When you first started – the technology was different.

Johnny – It was. Back in 2001, this place was good – but I have to tell you – today, someone who has thinning hair has more choices. We live in a great time to have thinning hair – and – you are lucky. I’ve seen IHRS adapt with the times. For one – there’s no excuse (not to) look completely natural. I’m a little older now than when I began, so for me – showing scalp is a real plus. So, it’s the best of all worlds.

Q: It has to be. Dave – as good as he is, gets some input from a group called, “Transitions” – and they are one of the most experienced in hair loss. Not just here in Jacksonville – but in many other places.

Johnny – Yes, I know that. That makes a terrific difference because – year-after-year – I see the new technologies. It’s been incredible. And another thing. I’ve never, ever had a problem with something I’ve needed. Never. It’s always taken care of. 

Q: Johnny – I’m sure over these years, you’ve noticed an uptick in women clients here at IHRS.

Johnny – Yes I have. Back in 2001 – that wasn’t so – but today – it’s great to see the ladies discover – what I’ve known. That you can have thinning hair – come here, and they will take care of you. Sometimes I’ll see one of Dave’s female clients leaving and whoa! They look fantastic!

Q – Johnny – any advice to someone reading this – guy or gal – that has thinning hair and is just plain frustrated.

Johnny – I remember those days. Hair on the pillow, comb – and more hair in the sink. Hair in the shower. It was depressing. My advice, come in – talk to Dave – talk to some of us. Take a look around. I can promise you – that’ll be reversed and you’ll feel great!

Thanks Johnny for your time today.  

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