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Men's Hair Replacement - Jacksonville, FL

“I remember waking up one morning, looking in the mirror and realizing that my hair was never going to grow back. As a stylist, I wouldn’t settle for anything that might look unnatural. That’s why I was picky!

Thank goodness I took my time and found you. My life has definitely changed for the better. I can relax on the weekend, enjoy my photography and not worry about people bringing up my hair loss. I would recommend this to anybody with a hair loss problem!”
~ Paul C., Age 24

A lot of my friends were shaving their heads in college. This was about the time I started losing my hair and I shaved mine too. What many friends didn’t know was that I was hiding behind my shaved head. Today the fad is ending and many of my friends have grown their hair back. I can’t.  I did not accept my baldness look and decided to do something about it. You were there to help me, and your Transitions hair replacement system that you custom made for me is absolutely the best. As a matter of fact, taking action before advanced baldness was even more noticeable was one of the best choices of my life. Nobody can tell that I have a hair loss problem. In fact, I sometimes even forget that I have a hair loss problem.Now, I have more fun, more sport, and more hair. Thank you.
~ Jack, Age: 28
Men's Hair Replacement - Jacksonville, FL
“When I started to lose my hair, it was very disturbing. I started wearing ball caps and avoiding mirrors. I finally decided that enough was enough and made an appointment to do something about my hair loss.  Transitions has not only given me back my hair, but it has changed my entire outlook on life.  As a professional businessman, I can tell you that restoring my hair has also restored my self-confidence which has had a very positive influence in both my professional and personal life.I can truly say that I am much happier with a full head of hair. And my wife loves it too!”
~ Virg, Age 54

Thank you, thank you for all your help with my five-year-old son Brian. I cannot believe the difference in his behavior at school since he got his hair replacement. This has made such an improvement in his self-esteem.

I must admit I was hesitant about my search for a solution to his hair loss which was caused by his accident. I was fearful that I would not be able to find a suitable solution to Brian’s baldness at such a young age.

As you know, children are cruel. I did not want to risk Brian being in a situation where his hair replacement would come off, especially on the playground.  Also, I could not imagine how anyone could match up the fine texture of his hair.

You had the answers to all my questions and erased any doubts I had about hair replacement systems. You furnished us with a wonderful natural-looking, low-maintenance, secure, and incredibly handsome system.

Again, thank you. I hope that we have given you something back by letting you know how genuinely happy you have made us.

~ Kathy S.
(Brian’s Mother)

Men's Hair Replacement - Jacksonville, FL
Men's Hair Replacement - Jacksonville, FL

Experiencing thinning hair at age 22 was very stressful. I called and expressed my concerns, and inquired on treatments and procedures that could help with my hair loss. I was set up with a free consultation where they evaluated my situation and told me what options were available for me. I decided to enroll in the Laser program.

After the first couple of weeks, I already noticed less hair falling out. My hair felt healthier and less brittle. Between the forth and fifth month is when I started to notice significant hair growth. I started receiving complements from both family and friends on how well my hair was growing back. These results continued throughout the remainder of my sessions.

I am very pleased with the results that I have seen over the last year. My hairline is stronger and I have a much thicker head of hair. I feel more confident now and I do not have to worry about my hair loss. The friendly staff has always made me feel comfortable. I am very happy with my decision to sign up for this laser procedure.

Thanks again for all you do.
~ Frank G.

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