Dr. Brett Hirsch, Hair Transplants Jacksonville FloridaSURGICAL HAIR TRANSPLANT RESTORATION like other types plastic surgery is an art that requires an expert surgeon. Dr. Brett Hirsch, with over 20 years of experience and a trained hand to create the most natural appearing results that are undetectable to even the most critical eye.

At IHRS, our approach to hair transplantation for each patient is individual and personal. We feel that establishing mutual trust and confidence between doctor and patient is essential in order to achieve a successful hair restoration result. Each hair transplant procedure one of our patient has, is completely customized based on age, hair type, their general health, and the degree of hair loss and overall expectations.

Our Surgical Hair Transplant Philosophy

Our clinic concentrates  exclusively on performing the best hair transplantation procedures possible. We move four to six times as much hair as the standard approach, using follicular unit grafts throughout, producing a completely natural result.

Skill, Artistry, Technique and Teamwork

The decision to do something about your hair loss can be a difficult one. By choosing the most qualified hair restoration expert, the decision becomes much more easy for you to make.

However, no surgeon can achieve this goal without depending on the skilled medical personnel to perform hair transplantation more than any other surgical procedure.

Dr. Brett Hirsch is recognized for his artistic brilliance, incredibly natural results and minimally invasive hair transplant procedures. His practice is devoted to the science and art of hair restoration for both men and women.  He is attentive and understanding with an  extraordinarily sensitivity to his patients' needs.

From your consultation through the final procedure, Dr. Hirsch will do everything he can to make you feel comfortable and confident in your decision.

Importance of the Doctor-Patient Relationship

The relationship between physician and patient is one in which we pride ourselves with maximum opportunity for communication and openness. There is absolutely no sales-pressure, ever. We have a goal, and that is not to schedule a surgery, but rather to establish an open, trusting relationship between the doctor and the patient. Follow-up calls and visits are always welcomed. Direct access to Dr. Hirsch whether by telephone, e-mail, or in person, is always available.

Surgical Hair Transplantation for Women

For a woman who has been had hair transplant can be quite dramatic to her appearance. Even after only two sessions. For most women, it will require two or three sessions to achieve optimal results.

Generally it is an accepted fact that most women are much more devastated by thinning hair or hair loss than men are. It just simply is not as socially acceptable for a woman to have less than a "full head of hair".

Knowledge and Experience
Dr. Brett Hirsch's outstanding medical and surgical staff is thoroughly trained in all hair transplant techniques.  

Exceptional Patient Care.  We place the highest priority on quality and personalized patient care and services. We like to extend every courtesy to our clients and patients to ensure a pleasant, and comfortable hair restoration procedure that will give them the hair they want.

At International Hair Restoration Systems in Jacksonville, Florida, we place the highest priority on quality and service.

We look to accommodate our clients to ensure they have a pleasant experience.
With convenient, discreet off-street parking, our hair restoration center is specifically designed for your comfort and privacy.

GET THE EXPERT ADVICE YOU WANT from the hair loss experts. Request your free, no-obligation evaluation today and put to rest any concerns you may have and start living the life you want with the hair you desire.  Call (904) 425-5097.