Wave goodbye to hair problems, thinning hair, alopecia, and chemical damage. Virtuesse helps women across the spectrum look and feel beautiful and natural again. Totally care free, this non-surgical hair replacement wonder is completely natural looking.

Now you can forget the embarrassment and self-consciousness of thinning hair and female hair loss.

Thinning hair is no longer a problem because Virtuesse is the completely natural, personally customized, fashionable hair loss solution for women that is totally and completely undetectable.

If you are one of countless woman who has genetic or hormonal hair problems, or have lost your hair through medical treatments like chemotherapy, you do not need to feel self-conscious about your looks ever again.

You can have real, lush hair, thatís perfectly matched to your own. Hair that styles any way you want it and is uniquely yours.

Virtual Realityís Virtuesse is beautiful, undetectable, easy to care for... the champagne of women's hair replacement! Itís the womenís hair product youíve been wanting all along! Luxuriate in the naturalness, flow, texture and color youíve imagined for so long.

What is Virtuesse for Women from Virtual Reality?

VIRTUESSE by Virtual Reality is a thin, flexible, second skin like surface with natural hair growth patterns. The ultra thin base is so thin and natural and adheres with no bumps or ridges. It is literally undetectable to the closest scrutiny and touch.

  • No daily maintenance.

  • No bumps or ridges.

  • Brush back front.

  • Undetectable in any activity.

  • Can create short, close to the scalp hair styles.

  • Natural polymers replicate scalp pigment color.

  • Can be as thin as your natural hair without bangs.

  • Hair angulation and pattern simulates natural hair growth.

  • Ease of self maintenance allows more personal styling.

  • European Human Hair for the most natural appearance and touch.

  • The ability to replicate natural maturing gray.

Virtuesse by Virtual Reality custom women's hair replacement is so fashionable, so real, so undetectable, it's demanded by stars, directors and stylists in Hollywood, and has been featured on news and makeover shows across America!

If Virtuesse can make actresses look good in a close-up on a 20-foot movie screen, it can make you look good at home, at work, at play, at the gym - anywhere!

Hair goes with you everywhere... the office, the home, work, play, the bathroom, the bedroom. Now you never have to feel naked again with Virtuesse by Virtual Reality.


Say Goodbye to Hair Loss Anxiety!

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