Having a head of gorgeous healthy looking hair does more than look great, it is often is linked to how we feel about ourselves. Ever notice when you’re having a really good hair day, you just feel a little more confident. It is believed by many that having healthy, shiny hair is a part of what defines a person’s attractiveness, sexuality, and success.

Of course this isn’t true, but we are affected negatively when our hair isn’t at its best. If you have a bad hair day you may feel less attractive and your confidence is reduced. If you suffer with female hair loss it can be incredibly stressful and unfortunately for many it is a part of the aging process.

Hair Loss and Women
While many women do suffer from thinning hair, it is still believed that hair loss is something only men have to deal with. This perception is far from the truth as a paper that was published in the US National Library of Medicine concluded less than 45% of women will keep a full head of hair throughout their life.

Why It Is So Common?
Women can develop hair loss for a number of reasons and those may include medical conditions such as trichotillomania or polycystic ovary syndrome. It can also happen as a side effect from medications or even menopause.

As we age, hair usually begins to thin. Even individuals who have thick, healthy hair may still experience a change in the amount of hair they have. Androgenetic alopecia (female pattern hair loss) is a very common type of hair loss for women. As a women age hair loss becomes more prevalent – 12% of women develop some form of hair loss by the age of 29, by the age of 49 that number can increase to 25%, by the age of 69 it can be as high as 41% and by the age of 79, over 50% of women experience some amount of hair loss.

There may be stressors that are contributing factors as well for female pattern hair loss. What ever the cause is, the result is the same. Women feel less attractive, have less self-confidence, and are less happy than those not suffering hair loss.

What Can Be Done About Female Hair Loss?
If you are a woman whose hair isn’t as full and thick as it used to be, you may be experiencing a form of female hair loss. You should remember it’s very common and you are not alone suffering with hair loss. There are also a number of solutions for thinning hair ranging from laser hair therapy to human hair wigs and hair replacement solutions that look and feel every bit as natural as your own growing hair.

If your hair is beginning to thin, you should get advice on the options that are best suited for you and the amount of hair loss you have. A hair loss specialists is trained to help men and women with all types of hair loss conditions and help them to restore a full head of healthy, lustrous hair.