Today, lasers are a common tool in medicine, yet many people are still unaware of their benefits when it comes to laser hair therapy to help stop hair loss. Most people have probably heard of laser hair removal, so the whole idea of using laser to replenish hair may seem a bit crazy. Lasers for hair therapy use low-level lasers (soft-lasers), which are also referred to as “cold” lasers because they do not give off any thermal components normally found in lasers.

These low-level lasers, developed by the Europeans, work by distributing energy to the scalp which helps increase the blood flow by 50 percent. This increased blood supply will naturally stimulate the hair follicles and stop the progression of hair loss. One of the other benefits of laser hair therapy is the fact that this treatment also strengthens your hair and improves its elasticity, leaving patients with a fuller, shinier, and thicker head of hair.

The treatments are quick and painless. We recommend that our patients come in at least twice a week for about 20 minutes to receive laser hair treatments under our hooded lasers. If you prefer to do treatments at home, you may need up to increase the number of days you do treatment to 3 days per week depending on the home device you have. During the treatments, you can watch TV, read a book or magazine, or just relax. If you suffer from thinning hair, then laser hair therapy may be the solutions you need. Today’s lasers have gone through major advances and are trusted to repair eyes, hearts, and teeth and also to restore your hair.

At International Hair Restoration System laser hair loss treatment programs are an affordable and very effective method for men and women regardless of hair types to restore their hair. It is our dedication to deliver unparalleled level of hair loss treatments and care. If you want to change your thinning hair then you should contact us and see for yourself just how easy it is to restore your hair, and restore your life.