As women work to balance their careers, personal life, and their families an unexpected hurdle can arise – hair loss. If you suddenly find yourself with more of your scalp showing, know that there is good news. Sometimes women’s hair loss can be naturally reversed or resolved more often than it can for men, but getting early treatment is critical.

Better Odds for Women Fighting Hair Loss

When it comes to losing hair, women are better off than their counter-parts because hair loss for them is often caused by attributable factors and often those factors can be fixed. Unlike men where 95% of them will suffer from some amount of hair loss in their life time due to androgenetic alopecia which has no cure.

Do the easy things first

When you first see your hair beginning to thin, there are things you can do in order to help your hair. These are things that can easily be worked into your normal everyday routine. They can be performed by both men and women; however, women will see more visible benefits.

  • Commit to Self Care – This doesn’t require a huge sacrifice in order to meet genuine needs. You can start by spending a few minutes each day just paying attention to your body. Maybe take a moment to meditate or perform some deep breathing exercises to help distress.
  • Take Your Vitamins – Your hair requires nutrients to be healthy and a multi-vitamin is a good place to start. If you continue to take a multi-vitamin you’ll be able to rule out many vitamin deficiencies that often can be a cause for thinning hair.
  • Hit the Gym – If you need some reasons to get yourself to the gym, then consider the fact that exercise is good for your hair. Having a healthy body is vital for anyone who wants healthy hair. Exercise gets your blood moving and that increase in circulation is good for hair growth.
  • Work Out Your Stress – One of the reasons for many hair loss issues today is stress. Our lives put a lot of demands on us and by taking time to do some yoga, exercise, meditation, church, or some type of sport, you create an outlet to relieve stress.

Seek Help

If you are experiencing thinning hair then you should seek help from a hair loss professional that can evaluate your hair and scalp. They offer a pain free, private consultation that is free. After the consultation you will know exactly what your options are when it comes to protecting your hair. The techniques above are an excellent way to help yourself but sometimes professional advice offers a level of experience that can benefit you and they are all steps you can take to become the best version of yourself.