Many of us try and keep a youthful appearance. Our culture puts pressure on us to maintain our youthful look. Because of that, hair coloring has become a norm for millions of men and women. For many, dyeing their hair is knee jerk response at the first sign of a gray hair. There are some however, that have decided to go natural, and let the gray hair happen.

Here are some of the reasons people are making this move:

Gray Represents Power and Maturity
Gray hair has a representation of life experiences. Those that have gray hair give off a sense of authority and power. Think of how men with salt and pepper hair naturally seem to be more distinguished. Gray hair can be lush, long, and elegant with the right hair style. Your gray hair can represent power and maturity with a look of beauty, and style.

Gray Saves Time and Money
If you dye your hair, you know that visiting a salon every six weeks can become expensive. Depending on how quickly your hair grows, some individuals may opt for even more frequent visits. Even if you color your hair yourself, the time and mess that is involved can be completely eliminated by letting your hair go gray.

Gray Is Environmentally Friendly
The chemicals used in hair coloring are harsh not only to your hair but to the environment as well. Each time the dye is washed out of your hair, it whines up in our local waterway. Earth 911 states that ammonia has been associated with increased levels of acid in soil. Chemicals that are know to be in hair dye have been found to be in our water supply.

Gray Is Who You Really Are
People everywhere are starting to embrace their individuality. Letting your natural hair color shine through can be part of that process. By the time most people have a significant amount of gray hair, they have reached a point where they are comfortable in their own skin. Letting your gray hair show tells everyone that you are confident and happy with the person you have become.

Going gray doesn’t just save you money, help the environment, and show the beautiful you are inside and out, but you can find many of the rich and famous embracing this trend. Actresses like Jamie Lee Curtis, have been gray for over a decade now and look amazing. With so many great reasons to go gray, don’t you think it’s time to take the plunge and toss that hair color.