There are several causes of hair loss but there are even more misconceptions about those causes. One of the most prevalent is that dandruff can cause your hair to fall out.

What is dandruff?

Hair loss is a condition that is related to your actual hair, whereas dandruff is a condition of your scalp and more of a dermatological issue. I’m sure you have had skin on other parts of your body that has become dry from time to time. Your scalp can also suffer from dry skin; the only thing different is that it’s harder to see because it is hidden under your hair.

Dry skin isn’t the only cause according to the Mayo Clinic. One of the most common causes is seborrheic dermatitis. This is a skin condition that results in red, greasy skin with flaky white or yellow patches. This condition often appears on the scalp but it can happen in other areas rich with oil glands. Wherever your skin is prone to be oily, seborrheic dermatitis can occur.

Dandruff can also be an indicator that you aren’t shampooing your hair enough. This can lead to oils and dead skin building up and flaking off. Malassezia is a fungus that is known for excess skin cell creation. These cells eventually die and flake off. Dermatitis can result from sensitivities to specific ingredients in your hair care products. All of these causes are related to skin issues and not your hair. With this said, dandruff alone doesn’t cause hair loss.

The Hair Loss Connection

Even though dandruff doesn’t directly cause your hair to thin, it can be a contributing factor if left uncontrolled. For example the flakiness associated with dandruff can cause to irritation to the scalp with frequent head-scratching. This can weaken your hair and cause it to thin and fall out. There is good news. The hair loss is only temporary as the hair should grow back once the dandruff is treated and is no longer causing you to scratch your scalp often.

If your hair loss is becoming more severe then perhaps it is time for you to meet with a hair loss specialist that can perform a free hair and scalp analysis to determine the best possible solution. At International Hair Restoration System in Jacksonville, Florida we offer several hair and scalp treatments and programs to help those with hair loss. Call us today to talk to a hair specialist.