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Hair Replacement Solutions in St Augustine, Florida

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Our non-surgical hair replacement services in St Augustine are for men and women suffering from the devastating effects of baldness. Our customized hair replacement systems offer our clients a natural look and feel with hair they can style and color any way they desire. At International Hair Restoration Systems, we only work with the best human hair available so you get hair that has the texture, density and hair color to match your existing hair flawlessly.

Customized Thinning Hair Solutions in the St Augustine Area

What is a hair system? It’s a modern and personally customized hair replacement designed around your specific type of hair loss and scalp. It has been proven time and time again to offer men and women results that exceed expectations.

Men and women in St Augustine, Florida that suffer from male and female hair loss owe it to themselves to see what International Hair Restoration Systems can do for them. All of our non-surgical hair replacement systems give you a natural front hairline, age appropriate density and uninterrupted scalp. The appearance and feel between your original hair and a hair replacement is indistinguishable. A International Hair Restoration Systems custom hair replacement system guarantees an immediate increase in your hairs density with a totally natural look and feel suitable even the most active lifestyle.

Men's Non-surgical Hair Replacement Florida

Men’s Hair Replacement

When a men start to lose their hair, they can begin to feel like their identity and self-esteem are lowering as well. Then there are those they come in contact with that may treat someone with hair loss differently and this often exacerbates a man’s feeling of self-consciousness. At International Hair Restoration Systems in St Augustine we have specialists that provide men of all ages different hair loss treatments. Non-surgical hair replacement solutions for men are custom tailored particularly to meet the unique needs of each of our clients. Regardless of the cause of your hair loss at International Hair Restoration Systems we have the experience of working with hair loss causes that include alopecia areata, medical hair loss, trauma and others, and the one thing for sure is that we can help you restore your hair.


Women's Custom Hair Replacement Solutions Florida

Women’s Hair Replacement

For many women their appearance is inextricably connected to their confidence and self-esteem. A woman that suffers from thinning hair and female pattern baldness because of androgenetic alopecia, stress, and more can find it to be emotionally and mentally draining of an experience for themselves and for the loved ones around them. Over the past decade there has been tremendous advancements in non-surgical hair replacement for women.  Today women have options that look and feel so natural and really are undetectable to others, even up close. At International Hair Restoration Systems in St Augustine, we offer a wide selection of services, treatments and products for all types of hair loss. It doesn’t matter if your are just noticing your hair beginning to thin or if you hair loss is has been going on for years, we will help you find the right solution that fit your needs and lifestyle.

Permanent Solution for Thinning hair & Baldness

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