Hair transplant surgery is a lifesaver for most and women. They regain confidence, a full head of hair, and a desire to live life to the fullest.

Surgical hair restoration is no walk in the park. You will need to adhere to some certain steps post-surgery to get the best results. If you’re thinking hair transplant is right for you, it’s important that you know how to take care of your hair after surgery. There are different steps and treatments after surgery. These are the steps that need to be followed in order to achieve the best, lasting results with hair transplants:

1. Minimize swelling with an ice pack

You can use an ice pack to minimize swelling, but do not place the ice pack directly over the grafted site. Instead place the ice pack on your forehead.

2. Clean gently

Do not wash or disrupt grafts 24 hours after hair transplant surgery. It is advised that you wash your hair gently with shampoo or the product you doctor recommends. Hand-wash your hair. Do not use the shower. Four days after the procedure, use the shower with low pressure.

3. Sleeping semi-upright

Doctors recommend sleeping in a semi-upright position to keep grafts in place and reduce swelling. They recommend sleeping with their head propped up in pillows or on a reclining chair until the scalp is fully healed. It is recommended that you sleep on your side for a few days if the grafts are located in the lower crown, making sure that your head is always elevated.

4. Avoid heat, cold, and excessive sweating

Excessive heat, cold, or sweating, can keep your scalp from healing properly. Avoid these as much as possible. It is better to stay indoors during this time. If you have to go outdoors, wear a loose-fitting hat. If it advised that you wait two days after surgery to go outdoors.

5. Avoid strenuous activities

Running, weight lifting, cycling, and strenuous activities such as sports, can cause bleeding, sweating, swelling and loss of grafts. Avoid all of these activities for about a month or until you get the approval of your doctor.

6. Avoid fidgeting, bending or lifting

Do not pick on or scratch your scalp. These actions may risk the survival of the grafts and cause infection. Scabbing is normal, but if the scabs remain after two weeks you may not be shampooing vigorously enough. Do not lift things or bend over. Blowing your nose violently can cause bleeding and swelling. If bleeding occurs, put light pressure on the area with a moist clean cloth for about 5 to 10 minutes until the bleeding stops.

7. Get enough rest

Get enough rest to promote healing. For a better and faster recovery, take care of yourself and your scalp. The better care you take care of yourself, the faster the recovery.
Your recovery will depend on how well you follow post-operative instruction. Your surgeon knows your case best, so make sure you follow their instructions and follow the basic steps.

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