Hair Transplant Surgery: The Importance of the Front Hairline

Hair Transplant Surgery: Designing the Perfect Hairline

Jacksonville FL Hair Transplant ResultsAt IHRS Hair Restoration in Jacksonville, we take every aspect of hair transplant surgery seriously. That includes pre-planning and an in-depth consultation with each patient, to the hair transplant surgery procedure itself, to post-operative care and follow-up, in order to achieve the very best possible hair transplant surgery results. With surgical hair restoration, proper planning is the key to a successful outcome. And one of the most important aspects of a surgical hair loss procedure is planning and designing the patient’s new hairline.

Every Patient’s Hairline is Unique

No two patients are the same, and no two patients have the same hairline. So careful consideration has to be taken for each individual patient, so the outcome is as natural looking as possible. Careful, common-sense planning by the hair transplant surgeon in consultation with the patient is therefore essential. Some of the major factors to be taken into account include:

Age-Appropriate Design

All men and women experience some degree of thinning and balding throughout their lives, even men with natural full heads of hair who are in their 50s or 60s. Unless hair transplant surgery is planned properly, the patient may have a full head of hair later in their life that looks completely unnatural. It is therefore essential to design patient’s hairlines so that they look age-appropriate, both now and in the years to come. Planning for appropriate hair transplant density is critical.

Old Photographs: Looking Back in Time

When designing a patient’s new hairline, old photos of the patient before they began experiencing hair loss, as well as photos taken throughout their life, are important in helping us recreate the hairline as it was prior to hair loss. This helps enormously in terms of recreating a natural looking hairline and ensuring overall success in the hair transplant process. This also helps us understand the individual goals of each patient in terms of what they want to achieve with their hair transplant procedure.

Individual Patient Goals

As part of the hair restoration surgery design process, we discuss with each patient their goals and expectations, and share with them our insights and experiences with hair restoration surgery. Our goal is to ensure that each patient feels comfortable and is confident with their hair restoration surgery procedure as we move toward treatment. Patient satisfaction and expectations are important, and by taking the time to help each patient understand the procedures and outcomes helps create better overall outcomes.

Jacksonville Hair Restoration Specialists

To learn more about our custom hair restoration procedures and to explore the many advanced hair loss treatment and hair transplant options available to you, we invite you to speak with an experienced IHRS hair transplant and hair restoration specialist today. At IHRS, we have a range of proven solutions for all types of hair and hair loss. Contact us today to schedule your private, complimentary hair and scalp analysis and get all your questions answered.

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