Home Laser Hair TherapyNoticing your hair starting to thin can be traumatic. If you are experiencing hair loss, you may be wondering what the best solution will be for you. There are a lot of products claiming to have the miracle formula that’s inexpensive and can be done in the comfort of your own home. This sounds great but unfortunately, these products may not always work as well as advertised. There are many variables to consider to ensure effective hair restoration results. Read this blog to learn more about at-home hair restoration solutions.

Why Most Home Baldness Remedies Don’t Work

The most effective hair restoration treatment depends significantly on the cause of hair loss. There are several reasons men and women lose hair. The following are some of the main causes of hair loss:

  • Genetics
  • Hormones
  • Stress
  • Poor diet habits
  • Excessive hairstyling/dyeing
  • Certain medications

Not all hair loss is permanent. When many people seek hair restoration solutions, sometimes these products work while other times they don’t due to the cause of an individual’s hair loss. For instance, if your hair loss is due to genetics, you’ll need to use strong and clinically proven products. This is because the scalp is scarred and applying the cream once a day isn’t going to cut it. However, if hair loss is due to stress, using simpler hair restoration solutions can still be effective. If you are unsure what hair restoration solution to use, don’t waste money trying every cheap cream you find, contact a hair restoration specialist for a no-cost hair loss consultation.

Which Solutions are Effective For Thinning Hair?

How can you be sure which hair restoration products will really work? Working with professional hair restoration specialists or using products that are clinically studied are sure ways to receive effective results. Below are a few ways North Mississippi Hair Loss Solutions in Tupelo can help provide effective at-home hair restoration remedies.

Laser Hair Therapy

Laser hair therapy is an effective solution for men seeking hair restoration. However, this solution does not work for everyone. The basic fundamental of laser hair therapy is that it functions by stimulating hair growth. Therefore, for the hair loss treatment programs to work, you need to have enough living hair follicles for it to be effective. Prevention is easier than correction. Additionally, it is important that you be evaluated by a trained hair loss professional – in-person – to determine whether you are a viable candidate for laser hair treatment therapy and if laser treatment for hair loss will work for you.

Hair Loss Treatment & Prevention Products

DHT Sensor hair loss treatment and prevention products are an easy-to-use, clinically-tested multi-therapeutic hair loss prevention program designed to help control excessive hair loss, improve the quality and condition of your scalp, minimize hair loss, enhance the appearance of thin-looking hair, and stimulate hair growth. Wow, that was a mouthful! In carefully controlled clinical studies, when used as part of a complete hair loss treatment and prevention program, DHT Sensor Hair Loss Treatment products have been shown to increase the percentage of Anagen (growing) hairs in 80% of the test patients. Plus, 40% of the test group showed increased Vellus (new) hair development.

Free Private Consultation

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At North Mississippi Hair Loss Solutions, we offer a variety of hair restoration and hair loss treatment programs for men and women of all ages and hair types. If after a thorough hair loss evaluation, we determine that you are a viable candidate for this type of treatment protocol, we will make a recommendation based on the outcome of your consultation.

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