unruly hair frizz solutions jacksonville floridaIt’s summertime and for most Americans humidity is a force to be reckoned with. The lazy hazy days of summer can make us feel sticky and wear us out. It affects our entire body. The most visible victim is our hair, and when the frizz sets in it’s not pretty. There are thousands of anti-frizz products on the market. If you suffer from the summer frizz, how do you choose?

There are everyday hair care tips you can do on your own to help tame that frizzy beast. Be sure to wash your hair regularly. Dirty hair makes heavy hair that will weigh it all down. If you have longer hair be sure to condition your ends so they don’t dry out. Just because you feel sweaty that doesn’t mean you should stop moisturizing your scalp. Feel free to use natural oils in your hair throughout the summer and brush them through your hair a couple of times a day.

Rumor has it that humidity helps your hair grow faster. The truth behind that myth is yes and no.

Humidity actually stretches your hair strands giving them the illusion of being longer. But if you take care of your hair and keep it healthy then it will grow faster in a warmer climate. And unless you have dry scalp, it isn’t likely to cause your hair to fall out either.

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