Laser Hair Regrowth: All You Need to Know

laser hair loss rejuvenation treatment jacksonville floridaWhether you are experiencing severe hair loss or mild thinning hair at IHRS in Jacksonville offer treatments like laser hair loss treatment therapy that have shown to help individuals regain beautiful hair. More and more people are choosing this non-surgical treatment for their hair loss issues.

Laser hair therapy is FDA cleared and there are no known side effects. The visible red light from the lasers penetrates several layers into the scalp tissue with no burning, and the results can be astonishing for hair that is thicker and fuller.

What Is Laser Hair Regrowth Treatments?

In a nutshell, laser hair therapy consists of regular treatments that work by specifically stimulating the blood flow which promotes the metabolism in catagen or telogen follicles. Laser hair therapy maintains the hair follicle and reboots the hair growth phases which consists of the growth, resting, and shedding phases.

How Does it Work?
The reason laser hair therapy is so successful is that it uses photochemical hair growth stimulation to rebalance the biochemical process.

The hair follicles benefit by:

• Increasing blood flow to the scalp
• Decreasing inflammation of the scalp
• Stimulating cell metabolism
• Inhibiting the effects of protein-blocking enzymes

Men and women alike that have genetic hair loss have undergone laser hair regrowth treatments and have had great results. Get a free hair loss consultation with us today and begin your journey to having the appearance of hair that is fuller, more healthy looking, and thicker.