Most men love having a full head of hair. It gives them satisfaction knowing they can create a great looking hairstyle and look good when going out for a night on the town or when just lounging at home. When guys begin to lose their hair, it can be tough for many of them. It can rob men of not only their hair but their self-confidence as well. For some guys, when you start to lose your hair you just have to deal with it. There isn’t anything that really works, so you make the best of it. Thankfully, that isn’t true. With today’s technology, men have more choices than ever when it comes to restoring their hair.

The Facts of Men’s Hair Loss

Most men that suffer from thinning hair most likely have a condition known as male pattern baldness. Because hair loss can happen slowly over time, it often isn’t noticed until over 50% of their hair has been lost. The medical term used to describe men’s hair loss is androgenic alopecia. The Norwood-Hamilton scale is the standard method used to measure and classify the progression of male pattern baldness. The scale ranges from level I, which is no hair loss to just a little, all the way to level VII which is severe baldness, or when an individual may only have a small rim of hair.

Treatments For Men’s Hair Loss

At IHRS we have helped thousands of men with thinning hair in many different stages of hair loss to regain their self confidence again. The process is easy and simple. In takes just a short time and the results are absolutely remarkable. You will have a full head of hair that you can run your fingers through, wash, and do the activities you enjoy, like swimming. It doesn’t matter what type of hair loss you have or even how sever it is. We have treatments that can work for you and your budget. Today’s hair replacement will allow you to look your best and feel confident.

Just some of the treatments options we offer for men’s hair replacement: