The Perfect Solution for Hair Loss Treatment and Restoration for Men and Women Since 1990!

For over 25 years IHRS (International Hair Restoration Systems) has been the number one leading hair loss treatment and hair restoration clinic in the Jacksonville, Florida area; and for good reason! The highly-trained and skilled technicians at IHRS have over 100 years in combined training and specialize in medical, non-medical and clinically-proven treatments for hair loss for men and women suffering from all types of hair loss and for all types of hair.

I recently had the sincere pleasure of interviewing successful businessman, industry expert and owner of IHRS, Mr. Dave Barker. Dave is driven by his purpose to make a real difference in the quality of life for men and women who may be suffering from hair loss. Dave has been on the leading edge of the hair restoration industry for decades and is extremely well respected among his peers. In fact, Dave Barker has sat on the Board of Directors for some of the most prestigious hair restoration companies in the world. He is truly passionate about IHRS and the transformation he has personally seen in his clients. “Originally, we started off as a non-surgical only business and then expanded to include surgical hair transplants,” Dave explains, “and today are the only all-inclusive facility in the Southeast that offers the full spectrum of hair restoration solutions in one location. We are truly committed to staying on the leading edge of technology changes. For example, I just bought three new FDA cleared lasers featuring the latest, most advanced laser technologies available including robotic hair transplant devices. Whatever solution is available, we want to offer it to our valued clients, so they can look and feel their very best.”

Dave is also excited about the latest, safest and the least invasive hair transplant method now available called Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). According to the IHRS website, during a FUE procedure, the hair follicles are removed from areas of the hair-bearing scalp. It is separated into smaller units and implanted into the balding scalp. NeoGraft is a device that automates the harvesting and implantation process. This technology has been cleared by the FDA and it is now available at IHRS. “We use the NeoGraft device to do hair transplants without any linear scaring on the back of the patient’s head. We can literally transplant one hair at a time” Dave passionately explains, “and there is virtually no linear scaring on the back of their head with practically no downtime. So, someone can cut their hair as short as they want, and no one can see the scar.”

Dave Barker is a remarkable professional that is 100% committed to staying at the leading edge of the hair restoration industry. I am extremely impressed with how much he truly cares about his clients. In fact, I personally spoke to one of Dave’s valued clients who said he has been “extremely happy with IHRS for years” and highly recommends IHRS to anyone who is serious about “restoring their hair, their confidence and their life.” He was quick to admit he should have scheduled a “free consultation with IHRS years ago” (before he lost so much of his hair.)

“I started losing my hair when I was 17, so I know how it is to be reluctant to visit a hair restoration facility and discuss personal hair loss” Dave admits, “but there is no reason to be reluctant. Simply come in to a private environment for a free confidential consultation and analysis so you can explore your options with one of our
friendly certified hair restoration consultants. There is absolutely no cost and no obligation. But time is of the essence as it is easier to slow down hair loss than it is to regenerate hair growth.”

Contact IHRS at 904-425-5097 or visit the company’s website at to arrange for a one-on-one consultation with an IHRS specialists who will work with you to answer all your questions and find the best hair loss solution for you. Restore your hair and your life with IHRS!