Lasers are widely used in the medical field today. But most people aren’t aware of the benefits of using laser hair therapy to stop hair loss and help replenish damaged hair. Most people have heard of laser hair removal, so the idea of using lasers to help replenish hair sounds crazy! Laser hair therapy is a process that uses low-level lasers or “soft” lasers, which are also referred to as “cold” lasers, because they do not contain a thermal component normally found in lasers.

Developed by Europeans these low level lasers distribute energy to the scalp, increasing the blood flow by over 50%. This increase in blood supply naturally stimulates the hair follicles and can stop the progression of hair loss. Another benefit of this therapy is it strengthens hair and improves elasticity leaving patients with a fuller, shinier, thicker head of hair.

The treatment is quick, easy, and painless. We typically prescribe a patient to come into the studio twice a week for about 20 minutes to be treated by our hooded lasers. If done at home, you may need to do it three times per week, depending on the home device you have. It’s so unobtrusive that you can relax and read a magazine or watch television during treatments. If you suffer from hair loss or thinning hair, laser hair therapy may be the perfect solution for you. In today’s society lasers are trusted to repair eyes, hearts, and teeth so why not use them to replenish your hair?

At the International Hair Restoration Systems, laser hair loss treatment programs are affordable and effective for men and women of all hair types. We are dedicated to delivering an unparalleled level of care and focus on your individual hair loss concerns, comfort, and privacy. We invite you to CONTACT US TODAY and discover how easy it is to restore your hair, and restore your life.