Wigs and hair systems, at first you might be inclined to think they are the same thing. They both can give you back your hair when other options can’t all while also restoring your confidence. When hair specialists talk about general hair replacement options, they are often referring to the term “hairpieces” which is a catchall phrase for wigs, toupees, and hair systems.

If you’re trying to decide which is better for you between a wig or hair replacement system, you should know the differences.

Wigs: Pros & Cons

Hollywood has had stars often use wigs to achieve the right look for the part they are playing. Wigs are hairpieces that are meant to sit on top of hair or a bald scalp. They can easily be removed and most are not meant to be worn all day. Medical wigs are different as they are meant for all-day wear and are designed to be lighter.

If you like to change up between different hair colors or hairstyles then a wig could be a good option because you can easily change to a different wig and therefore, a different look altogether. Wigs are secured firmly to your head very well today. There is no worrying about it being blown off your head in a big gust of wind or when you go running.

Hair Replacement Systems

Hair replacement systems have, over the years, been called different things in different cultures.  Years ago, the term toupee was common.  But the days of your grandfather’s old toupee are long gone.  Todays modern hair replacement systems, hair additions, hair pieces, or hair patches have come a long way in terms of appearance, naturalness, style, and lightness.  While a modern hair replacement system or hair patch might, at first glance, look similar to a wig, it is distinctly different. Synthetic or natural hair can be used just like with a wig but a hair system is glued to the scalp and is not meant to be taken off like a wig.

This permanent hair gives you a more natural feel. People with hair systems can enjoy activities like scuba diving that you couldn’t do wearing a wig. If you suffer from hair loss that a hair system is a perfect choice. It allows you the freedom to go about your day just like you would with your natural hair.

If you are someone that likes to change up your hair color from day to day then wigs are a better fit for you. If you are embarrassed by signs of hair loss or baldness and don’t want a daily reminder that your hair isn’t real, then a hair system is the better choice.

If either wigs or women’s or men’s hair replacement systems is the way you want to go, contact us at International Hair Restoration Systems (IHRS) and we can set you up for a free hair and scalp consultation. You may be surprised by the different options available to you and just how quickly you can have beautiful-looking hair again.