When a hair transplant is performed by a skilled surgeon that is well trained and experienced then your hair restoration should last a lifetime. That is as long as you take care of your locks.

Hair Loss Right After Hair Transplant Surgery

There is a condition called “shock loss” that happen a few weeks after a hair transplant procedure. It is caused from the trauma that your scalp undergoes during the procedure. There is no need to worry because this hair loss is only temporary. Your hair will grow in its normal growth pattern within a few months.

Additional Hair Loss

Some patients can experience some hair loss but this is not the hair follicles that were transplanted but rather their original hair. If this does happen some patients undergo a second hair transplant to put hair back into the areas of new hair loss. The fact that a person may not be done shedding their hair is the prime reason we tell patients under the age of 21 to wait before undergoing a hair transplant surgery.

Getting The Support You Need

When you’re a patient at IHRS in Jacksonville, our hair transplant specialists are here to support you throughout the entire hair transplant surgery and post-operative recovery process. If you ever have any questions, concerns, or complications about your hair restoration procedure come see us. Contact us today for a free hair loss consultation to see if you are a candidate for hair transplant procedure.